Treasury Management

Blueprint to Steward Taxpayer Resources

Statutory Duties

As State Treasurer, Taylor will take a holistic approach to fulfilling the statutory duties of the position and managing the Nebraska Treasury.

  1. Holistic Approach: Nebraska taxpayer funds will be properly accounted for, effectively invested, and completely protected.
  2. Nebraska First: Taylor will strengthen Nebraska banking relationships to benefit Nebraska taxpayers.
  3. Cash Management: Cash concentration techniques (cash pooling) and netting of interdepartmental invoices increase treasury efficiency and minimize costs for administration.
  4. Target Balancing: A streamlined cash management structure is necessary to manage proper levels of liquidity.  Cash amounts in excess of targeted balances will be effectively invested to increase taxpayer returns.
  5. Financial Value Chain: Strategically-positioned bank account concentrations are vital for State depository maintenance.

Security & Technology

  1. Safeguarding Taxpayer Resources: With the increase in the sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks, the Treasury function must implement safeguards to mitigate this risk.  Taylor will ensure that proper safeguards are in place to reduce and detect both internal and external occurrences of fraud.
  2. Digitation & Interconnectivity: The Treasury Function continuously needs to be at the forefront of new technology to simplify complexity, manage liquidity, and safeguard assets.  Taylor will take a zero-baseline approach by rationalizing functions, roles, and streamlining all internal cash management systems in the Treasury function and increase connectivity with external partners if needed.
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